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The State of the Union – 2015

Wednesday, 21. January 2015 11:46


A roundup of reactions and analysis of the SOTU for 2015:

A visual of the common words in President Obama’s SOTU speeches since 2008:

SOTU Graph

An analysis of the language of the STOU from a historical perspective:

The Language of the State of the Union Address

Political Analysis of the SOTU from across the spectrum:
NY Times: In State of the Union, Obama Sets Ambitious Agenda
Politico: State of the Union Fact Check
National Journal: New Page, Same Obama
Ezra Klien: The Most Important Sentence in SOTU
David Frum: The Real Target of the SOTU – Hillary Clinton
Byron York: A Disconnected, Out of Touch, In Denial SOTU
Peter Baker: In SOTU, Obama Looks to Reset Goals

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