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Habemus Papam!!

Wednesday, 13. March 2013 13:52

Viva il Papa!

We have a new pope!

Pope Francis I is the son of Italian immigrants to Argentina.

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Coolidge & Aggrandizement

Monday, 11. March 2013 11:23

When we discussed the institution of the presidency, we defined the institution’s evolution in terms of aggrandizement – the accumulation of responsibility. We noted 10 presidents who had contributed to the expansion of the office over the course of American history.

Of course, contributing to aggrandizement doesn’t necessarily make a president ‘great.’ Indeed, it may not be a ‘good’ thing at all. Amity Shales offers us an alternative conception of ‘greatness’ for presidents in her depicition of Coolidge as “The Great Refrainer.”

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