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Tuesday Palate Cleanser

Tuesday, 25. September 2012 20:53

I sense a disturbance in the Force. Contact General Fisher-Price immediately!

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SNL: The Undecided Voter

Monday, 24. September 2012 15:04


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Down to the Wire

Saturday, 22. September 2012 22:45

Gallup’s tracking poll over the last month shows that Obama’s post-convention bounce has entirely dissapated and the race stands even, as this figure demonstrates:

Gallup’s tracking poll is of registered voters, a class of sample more likely to favor a Democrat than a likely voter sample. So it may be that Romney would be slightly ahead if Gallup was using a likely voter screen. Either way, the race is essentially a toss-up with a little more than a month to go until the election. On to the debates…D.GOOCH

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