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Unemployment Persistently High

Friday, 3. August 2012 17:04

And, as this graph shows, persistently higher than the track predicted by the Obama administration in the wake of the successfully passed “stimulus” bill. Hmmm.

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Anthology of Interest, Part 1 – 2012

Thursday, 2. August 2012 11:41

A gaggle of links and tidbits from the political world recently…

– The Chick-fil-a kerfluffle is an interesting entry in the Culture Wars. There is no question that society has become more tolerant of gays and gay lifestyle choices (marriage, civil unions, adoption, etc.) over the past thirty years. But the division over the pro-marriage stance of the Chick-fil-a founder has been, on the one hand, government officials expressing (to one degree or another) the view that Chick-fil-a is unwelcome in their towns/cities *because* of Dan Cathy’s position on gay marriage, versus those who view such as an infringement on free speech and liberty. Many on the Left and Right have spoken out against mayors like Rham Emmanuel (Chicago) who have used strongly worded language hinting they might use their political offices to deny Chick-fil-a the right to locate there. Where ever you stand on the issue, it seems to have backfired on the anti-Chick folks. It appears the “buycott” organized by folks like former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee resulted in record sales for Chick-fil-a.

– Mitt Romney recently completed a tour over seas. Many in the media have panned his visit, honing in particularly on the “gaffe” where Romney criticized the London Olympics while being in London. However, I’m pretty sure it is unlikely to have any impact on the presidential race. As far as I know, Londoners don’t get to vote in US presidential elections. Scott Conroy shares my doubts.

– Item: A new Gallup poll suggests unemployment went up in July. Gulp.

– In a resounding victory for the Tea Party (whose demise seems to have been greatly exaggerated), Ted Cruz defeated David Dewhurst for the Republican nomination in Texas for the US senate seat being vacated by Kay Baily Hutchinson. Cruz, as a Latino-American, is likely to be a rising star in the Republican ranks, much like Marco Rubio. He will also contribute to the further political polarization of the Congress, shifting the Republican caucus further Right. Ed Kilgore has Left-Center commentary on the Cruz victory over at the New Republic.

– In election news, Karl Rove doesn’t think that Obama’s ad blitz against Romney is working. Jeff Greenfield notes that the prediction models look bad for Obama.

If President Barack Obama is to win, he is going to have to overcome a set of numbers that no incumbent President, or incumbent party, has ever managed to surmount.

Stay tuned…

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