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Voter Apathy

Wednesday, 22. September 2010 11:41

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The Combine

Saturday, 18. September 2010 20:03

I came across this argument with regards to Lisa Murkowski’s recent decision to wage a write-in campaign for her senate seat despite having lost the Republican primary to Jim Miller. The writer suggests that Murkowski is part of the “combine” — a corrupt cabal between the two parties to serve their own financial interests:

The way it works is this. The Democrat party is the senior member of the Combine. The GOP is the junior member of the Combine. The game is exactly the same, and whoever is up, or whoever is down, based on the random behavior of those rubes, the voters, does not matter. The game is always exactly the same, and the people who are in on the game, from either party, have a shared stake in defending the game.

Now, what major theory of American politics that we’ve discussed does this remind you of? D.GOOCH

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