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Courier Article on Arkansas Races

Friday, 25. June 2010 20:00

I am quoted in a recent article by the Courier on the Arkansas primary races. I talk about the headwind the Democrats face in Arkansas in 2010 and the fact that Boozeman is the clear favorite against either potential Democratic nominee. Lincoln of course ended up sqeeking out a win despite the fact that you can generally expect voters from other candidates to break against the incumbent in a runoff. I think part of Halter’s problem, as I’ve mentioned before, was the fact his run was so publicly financed by outside groups like SEIU (a public sector union). While Halter had 2 to 1 adds against Lincoln…that edge was provided by the outside groups. And while any ad helps with name recognition I felt that the strongly tilt-left outside ads actually worked against Halter. Generally speaking you don’t win in Arkansas by running to the Left and the ads Halter had on his behalf from the outside groups uniformly attacked Lincoln from the Left. Those ads are effective in California, New York, and Massachusetts…but not so much in the South.

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Multi-Member Cumulative Voting in New York

Wednesday, 16. June 2010 15:13

I discussed cumulative voting as a potential alternative to FPTP, SMD’s with respect to congressional voting. We saw the Alabama Chilton county example in class, and now comes an example in New York. I had mentioned that we cannot ignore these alternatives because there has been a growing trend in judicial circles towards these kinds of solutions to percieved diviersity problems in representative bodies. Here we see just such an example, as this example of MMCV comes as a consequence of judicial fiat.

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Deadliest Catch Share – ToC Solution

Thursday, 3. June 2010 12:02

We talked about the Tragedy of the Commons in class. Here is a neat video from that talks about this collective action problem and how a new government policy might be a solution to the ToC in ocean fisheries (hint: I talked about this solution as well):

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